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Iceland Route...

The adventure starts in Reykjavik with a 4 hour transfer east to the start line. We'll enjoy dinner enroute before camping under the midnight sun. Starting next morning full of excitement, we'll begin our trek and follow the route south. 74 kilometres later we'll cross the finish line at Thórsmörk.

Sat 15 July - Day 2 - 0-42 km

Leg 1 - Landmannahellir to Domadalshals ~ 6km

Setting off early this morning, the group will begin trekking through incredible lunar landscapes before reaching the first rest stop to refuel.  

Leg 2 - Domadalshals to Landmannalaugar ~ 10km

Continuing south we pass the green mossed and multicoloured mountains of Landmannalaugar where we will enjoy lunch and another rest. 

Leg 3 - Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker ~ 13km

This leg takes us on the most challenging part of the trek with a 600-meter ascent, surrounded by stunning icy mountains where you will have your afternoon rest stop

Leg 4 - Hrafntinnusker to Alftavatn ~ 13km

We will have one final descent along the route until we reach the campsite. We'll enjoy a well deserved meal and have time to relax before getting an early night!

Meals included: B, L, D 

Sun 16 July - Day 3 - 42-74km

Leg 4 - Lake Alftavatn to Hvanngil ~ 5km

Starting the trek at the crack of dawn, we'll walk through desert landscapes and pass by the thundering waterfall at Emstrur before arriving at a tiny mountain cabin. 

Leg 5 - Hvanngil to Emstrur ~ 11km

Contuining our trek, we'll walk across rivers and through desert landscapes and pass by the thundering waterfall at Emstrur before arriving at a tiny mountain cabin. This will be our fifith and final rest stop before the last push to the finish line! 

Leg 6 - Emstrur to Thorsmork ~ 16km

Trekking through hot spring country, we take on the last 10 miles of the trek through lush Thorsmork Valley where we'll also have to find our way across a couple of rivers! Cross the finish line and celebrate our fantastic achievement with a glass of fizz and a medal. In the early evening we'll take a group transfer to our hotel where we'll have a celebratory dinner and party before getting some well earned rest. 

Meals included: B,L,D 

Map of the Iceland Challenge Route